Undoubtedly, Asian women are beautiful and they have distinct physical traits which make the unique as compare to Western women. They also have certain beliefs about their appearance that you may find surprising!The irony of it is that hot Asian women find their features unattractive and even contemplate on changing or enhancing it.

This is often true with women in the Philippines, who tend to be critical of their own looks. Unless the Filipinas possess the look that most Western women possess, they see themselves as ugly; they should be tall and with flawless pale skin. Most foreigners find their dark skin and petite definitely attractive but she still sees herself as ugly. They simply do not know how to accept compliments very well. 

However, most foreign men see this quality as very endearing, it is because a beautiful Western women will react the opposite way. Although Filipina women tend to be shy and a little bit insecure, in reality they are flattered whenever guys give them compliments.

Their Skin

Most sexy Asian women try to avoid being exposed under the sun to make their skin tone lighter. They hate to have wrinkles. By the way, since many Asian women don’t want to get darker-as it implies low status and poverty-be sure to ask about this before you plan to take a girl to the beach.

The China Eyes

Asian singles tend to be self-conscious about one of the physical traits that foreigners find most attractive: their exotic, narrow eyes. Most Asian women have natural brown eyes.

The Luscious Lips

Asian women can also be self-conscious about their lips, which tend to less “plump” and full than those of the Hollywood actresses and supermodels they look up to.

The Breasts

Asian women are pretty much conscious about the size of their breasts this is because of the influence of Western media.. Asian women look up to American sex symbols that is why they wish they could have their big breasts too.

Their Ears 

Once you’ve gotten to know an Asian woman and you’re enjoying an intimate conversation, whispering something sweet into her ear is a very seductive move that will send tingles up her spine. You will both enjoy this very intimate act.. This is also a cute way to exchange “secrets” with her and enhance the sense that the two of you share a special bond.

Her Smooth Hands

It is normal for Asian women to inspect your hands as if she is trying to read your future, her hands are often soft and smooth and she is trying to check out if your hands are the same. She is trying to check your overall health and assume your social status too, hard hands indicate being poor.

The Shapely Back

Most Asian women believe that the back is an important part of your "chi". This is the reason why Asian women try to maintain excellent body posture and always walk with poise. They are taught that a straight spine, and keeping the energy centers of the body “open,” are important for one’s health.

Feet Fetish

I’m a sucker for an Asian woman with a pair of beautiful, toned legs and high-heeled shoes. Asian women are crazy about shoes-maybe even more so than Western women, since they’re shorter than Westerners and want to add extra inches to their stature.

These are some of the beautiful and attractive physical attributes of Asian women based on my personal history and as described by other Western guys. These are also the same characteristics and physical attributes that draw foreign men to date Asian women. Aside from the physical beauty, most Asian women have an inner beauty that will never fade in time.