Reasons Why Asian Women Love Caucasian Men

March 1, 2012
Western men are attracted to sexy Asian women just as Asian women love white men. Western guy can enumerate reasons on why he finds Asian ladies to be attractive. Normally, foreign men love the exotic looks of Asian women; their silky black hair, sensual eyes, beautiful skin and their petite body frames are some of the things that makes an Asian woman attractive.

But have you ever asked yourself why Asian women choose Caucasian guys over Asian men. There are various reasons on why Aslan ladies love Caucasian men. Among these common rationales are the following:

The Height. It is normal to see white men who are as tall as 5'11" but the average height of Asian guys is only 5'7". It is because most Asians do not possess the tall genes. You can find or meet a tall white guy in almost every corner especially over the internet too. Asian women would want their future kids to be taller than the average height of Asians.

Being open minded. Fortunately the family members of the Caucasian guys are often fascinated by the uniqueness of the Asian culture. The family members won't mind whether the Asian girl that you are dating came from Vietnam, Laos or Cambodia. Unlike in neighboring Asian countries where racism still exists, Western men are more open to this type of issue.

Different Culture, New Environment. Most Asian women love to experience how it is to live and become a part of a different culture. Asian women believe that Western guys can teach them something new and they would not be able to learn that from any Asian guys. It also means that you are going to open a new door of endless opportunities for her.

Beautiful and good looking children. Almost all of the Asian women dream to have beautiful kids with white complexion and colored eyes hence they choose to be with white men instead of Asian guys. They want to have good looking children! In most Asian countries, the color of the skin is an indication of your status in the society. Those who have dark skin are the ones who need to toil and endure the heat of the sun. In most Asian countries, the poor people are the ones who possess dark skin. This is one of the reasons why Asian women love white men, because they want their kids to have tall nose, big eyes and porcelain white skin.

Big "package". If you compare the package of white men and Asian dudes; definitely the white men would win in this department. Even though not all Asian women will choose guys with massive size, it still pays to have a decent size banana to take care of the business. Well, this is not to say that Asian guys have small packages or that all white men have bigger ones; but definitely their size is better than than of Asian men.

More accepting individuals. If the Asian woman has the inclination on the heavier side, unfortunately she would not pass the qualities of Asian guys because their concept of beauty is different. These Asian guys choose to date women who are lean, petite and submissive. White men are more accepting in terms of physical appearance most especially if it has something to do about weight. Normally, what Asian men considered as fat is not actually the same in the eyes of these white men. If you compare white men to Asian guys; the Caucasians are less critical in terms of physical appearance.

These are just a few of the reasons why Asian women love white men. If you will personally ask these hot and sexy Asian girls for some more reasons; they can give you a thousand and one reasons why Asian women love white men.

Ideas On How To Date Chinese Girls

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Useful Tips to Help You Date a Beautiful Asian Girl

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Beautiful Mature Asian Women

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Dating Asian Girls: Common myths Revealed

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The Right Mindset To Attract Asian Girls

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Top Ten Most Beautiful Asian Women

February 9, 2012
Asian women exude a different kind of aura that makes them very attractive. It could be their long silky black hair, or it can also be their slim and petite bodies. The most beautiful Asian women possess a certain kind of innocence that makes men curious to get to know them more. There could be something beneath that timid and shy personality that is waiting to be unleashed. Here is a list of the most beautiful Asian women from various Asian countries.

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Asian Dating Culture

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Dating Asian women is immensely different from the Western dating culture. Unlike in the Western world wherein courtship and dating is fast and liberal, Asian dating has various periods or steps. Before getting married, there are numerous steps that should be achieved.

The Friendly Start

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Have An Asian Valentine's Day

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Valentine's Day is a widely celebrated and popular event that women embrace from around the world especially Asian women.. It is indeed a special event for beautiful Asian women. The event is commonly dedicated to a saint, but now it is more popular to be the day of lovers and couples.

Let us start with India, who pretty much treat Valentine’s Day the same way as western countries do. When dating Asian women on this special event, it is typical for them to expect flowers, chocolates, and ted...

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