To be successful in dating a Japanese girl, you need to understand their unique culture especially when it comes to dating. A woman's outlook in life especially when it comes to the man she will be seeking, it is usually rooted to their customs and tradition. Recognizing her distinct traits will open up more possibilities in your relationship.

Today, inferiority complex is merely non-existent for Japanese women. They are starting to be independent and open-minded. It is important for you to not take her naturally quiet demeanor to mean she is fearful or meek. It is definitely a reality today that Japanese girls are starting to uplift themselves in a society that was once dominated by machismo. They tend to hide their feelings toward the man they love. Today, it is not anymore appropriate for a man think of himself as someone who is superior than a woman. They hate boastful men and over-confident dudes. Their opinion should be heard. They hate it when men assume their longing or wants. 

When asking a girl out, it is important to give her adequate time for herself. They can definitely be fun-going and vibrant. Wanting to know where she is every minute of the day and not giving her her space are turn-offs. Whether you consider it a sign of caring or curiosity, she will see it as pushy and demanding.A third point in holding her interest is realizing the cultural differences regarding physical affection. Unlike many Americans today, the Japanese frown on showing this kind of affection in public. Show that you have genuine intentions by not being too cuddly when in public.

Success in career is very important for Japanese women. It is unusual for Japanese women to chase a man because of his money. As with any other women, it is fairly important to be financially stable. Not all women are looking for greener pasture; most of them seeks a man who is honest and trustworthy. While this is especially important if you are dating for the purpose of marriage, you should not take her interest in your career as negative even if you only want to date casually.

To effectively strike yourself a date with a Japanese girl, you should be confident and respectful.