The Land of Smiles", this is what Thailand is popularly known; it is because Thai people are smiling most of the time.. For Western guys-who are used to living stressful lifestyles and dealing with women who are cold and unapproachable-a visit to Thailand is truly a mind-blower.But the Thai smile can mean many things.. Smiling does not only mean happiness in Thailand, because they also smile whenever they are embarrassed, uncertain, furious or annoyed. This has caused a lot of confusion among foreign men.

The reason for the ubiquitous “Thai smile” is that Thai people are extremely concerned about being polite and their behavior is rooted in their religion: Buddhism. It is a non-confrontational society, where showing impatience or anger in public is regarded as a sign of weakness. 

Thai people are extremely proud of who they are and it is very important for them to never lose a face. Being able to maintain a good face is something that beautiful Thai women have mastered, they rarely lose their temper or even raise their voice in public. The idea is to always display jai yen (cool heart). A popular Thai saying which is "my pen rai" means no problem. Still, the Thai religion is attributed to this attitude towards life; being devout Buddhists they know that Buddha will give them merit in their next life.

If you are dating Thai women, it is quite crucial to keep a good heart and get her to help you with any problem. Most Western guys are very direct and honest with their emotions but that should be avoided in Thailand or else it would not take you anywhere. In Thailand, you simply have to smile, keep a cool heart and shrug things off if it did not workout well.

I’m not saying this is always easy to do. For someone who was raised in New You where everything is intense and fast-paced, it is quite difficult to do because problems are dealt quickly and would often voice out their opinions. But in Thailand, behaving this way will only complicate your problems.

The massive sex industry is something that is quite popular in Thailand. Western guys may find a lot of beautiful Thai women who offer their services to you, and you can find them in Bangkok and Pattaya. Dealing with the bargirl scene is something is another story, this article is focused on "good" Thai women.Most foreigners who travel to Thailand immerse themselves in the bar scene, since it offers instant sexual gratification and allows even the most unattractive, socially awkward guys to get laid. Honestly speaking, it can bring tons of fun too. However, you’re really missing out if you visit Thailand and don’t make the effort to meet quality local women. Quality local Thai women can be found everywhere.. 

You won’t be able to lure them by simply whipping out your wallet; some patience and “game” is required.It will be a huge turn off for Thai women if guys have long fingernails and body order, it is because they love their men clean and smelling fresh. This is less true in the countryside or smaller towns, where just being a foreigner provides the traveller with a certain degree of higher status. But you have to keep in mind that countryside women do not speak any English word.