First, grooming is essential. Asian women will find you attractive if you look neat and smell clean too. Asian women are very conscious with their hygiene. Remember, it is much better to be overdressed than underdressed if you are going out with an Asian woman.. You can be more presentable if you wear long pants rather than shorts; or wear a decent shoes instead of sandals and of course you will look much better if you wear a shirt with collar. And you won’t win any points with a shaggy, unkempt hairstyle or a lot of facial hair.

Stay fit. Try to watch your diet and to some rounds of exercise routines to keep you fit.. If you want to attract Asian beauties, you need to be very conscious of your health because it says something about you too.. It means that you if you are in good shape, you care and value yourself.. If you cannot take care of yourself, how much more can you take her of too; so do not grow those beer guts and get back in shape.

Be the decision maker and problem solver. Asian women are not really good in solving problems and handling emergencies; this characteristics is very true among younger Asian women. In a typical Asian household, their folks are the ones who are in-charge of everything most especially for girls. The kids often lead very sheltered lives. Whether they come from rich or poor families, it does not really matter.

Try to show concern on her. It would surely melt the Asian woman's heart if you show her your concern for her safety and well-being. How will she get home from your date? It's a big no to let her walk alone. You can walk with her or you can call her a taxi.. At the end of a date (assuming she isn’t coming back to my place), I always ask the girl to text my phone when she gets home so that I know she arrived safely. Asian women really like this display of concern. She would usually comply to your request and thank you for your concern too. I text back, “I just wanted to make sure you are safe. Then you can add some sweet-nothings like you will talk to her tomorrow and wish her a goodnight sleep..”

Be a gentleman, but with a playful, mysterious edge. Cool Hollywood movie stars are worshipped in Asia-the guys who are strong, masculine presence and can take care of business, but have a boyish charm and a softer side. Asian women would go for someone who possess the onscreen persona of Hollywood actors like Bradd Pitt, Keanu Reeves, Matt Damon and George Clooney. They are big stars in Asia because of their masculinity and boyish charm.

To be an Asian babe magnet, you need to be intelligent and conversant. They have high regard for intelligence, wisdom and education. This is the reason why Asian women are attracted to older guys. Most Asian women would not want you to treat them as you treat your buddies when you are at the bar drinking. Most importantly, you should not speak loudly and use foul language on her.

Listen to what she says.. A lot of Western guys fail to attract Asian babes because they would often talk her off by trying to impress by talking about money and their accomplishments. These guys behave as if they know they only have a narrow window of opportunity to impress the girl, so they throw everything they’ve got at her. This seems to be a very desperate approach.