There is one thing that you have to remember, the initial thing that you say to an hot Asian babe is not really important. Your Opener must catch her attention so that you will have the chance to talk to her. What really matters is the next thing that you will say. We call this the Transition-the topic you move the conversation onto, after you open her.

You must remember two important things: Opener and Transition. Good conversations with women start with these two important things. The two don’t need to be related at all. A good Opener will be asking her about her mobile phone, as soon as she answer, you can Transition to a topic that will allow her to give information about herself.

You should never need to rely on cliché, obvious openers like “Do you have the time?” or “Hi, how are you?” Asking a woman for a permission to talk to her is not a advisable too. Don’t say things like, “Excuse me, do you mind if I ask you something?” Or, “Pardon me, can I talk to you for a minute?” Such questions will only turn on her "defensive mode" ; and will result into coming up with various excuses on not to engage in any conversation with you. For women, it is their built-in defense mechanism. Here are some effective Openers that you can use.

Opener #1: The Language Lessons 

A great way to start conversations with Asian women is to tell them that you’re trying to learn their language, and ask for their help. By using a phrase in their language that you have memorized, is a good way to start a conversation with Asian women. Then, when she expresses interest in the fact that you seem to know her language, you can smile and laugh, acting a little bit shy and apologetic and explain to her that you’re just starting to learn.

Opener #2: Flattery Will Get Your Everywhere 

This is a common characteristics among Asian women, if you shower them with compliments they are easily flattered by it. If flattery would not move Western women, then it is the exact opposite when it comes to Asian women; this is a perfect way to open a conversation using flirtatious compliments like " you are very pretty." 

Opener #3: “I Saw You Somewhere” 

Look at her, make eye contact, rub your chin, and act like you’re trying to figure out who she is…as if you’ve met her before, but you can’t recall where. Then say, “I know you from somewhere…” She will definitely look at you and try to remember who you are and how you have met. Then you can just make up a location where you supposedly saw her before.

Opener #4: Facebook Friends 

Every Asian women on the entire planet has a Facebook account, there is a good chance that you do really have a mutual friend. Don’t spend time talking to her about which Facebook friends you might possibly have in common.

Opener #5: The Mobile Phone Flirting

If ever she is using her mobile phone, simply wait until she is done using it and try to use this effective Opener. "Excuse me, what type of mobile phone is that?" Then inform her that you need to buy a phone for a friend as a birthday present.
Opener #6: The Birthday Present 

There is certainly something interesting on her appearance like the handbag she is using, the dress or jewelry that she is wearing. Then tell her how much you like her dress, bag and earrings. Afterwards, inform her that you need to buy a birthday gift for a friend and your friend would love to receive something similar to her earrings, bag or whatever; and ask where she bought it.Since you are talking about a topic that women love, this is a good way to keep the conversation flowing naturally between the two of you. Majority of women would like to talk about going to the best place to shop.

Your Opener serves as a getaway to a good conversation.. You don't really need to stick to the same topic as you used in your Opener.You can switch to something else.With an Asian girl you’ve just met, the purpose of the first conversation is to get some basic information about her and communicate that you’re a friendly, respectful single guy who has his life together and has a fun, active lifestyle.