Guys may wonder could be the advantages of dating Korean women. Just like dating any other Asian women, it is very important to know the customs and traditions when it comes to dating and getting into a relationship with one of the beautiful Asian women race. There are a lot of reasons why foreign men find Korean women very attractive. 

Each Asian race and ethnicity have their own distinct characteristics, there are several qualities that guys can find in Korean women but not in any other Asian women. Most Korean women are known to be as shy and conservative especially when it comes to showing their affection in the public. Holding hands, hugging and most of all kissing are not the common things that Korean women are comfortable doing in public. Just a heads up, if you want to have a good first date impression, do not attempt to become intimate with your Korean lady on your first date. These acts are considered promiscuous and doing it is a serious sign of disrespect to their families.

Guys decide to date Korean women because of their submissiveness, but not all Korean women share this kind of attitude. Culturally speaking, men are considered as the dominating species and women are generally expected to obey and follow their partners. Although they appear to be very delicate and fragile, this is not always the case. Looks can be deceiving, your soft-spoken and very gentle Korean date may surprise you in the long run.

Korean women are proud of their heritage and traditions. They take pride of their geography, education and their very sumptuous Korean food. Expressing how you enjoy eating Kimchi will definitely impress your Korean girl. However, be careful not to joke about the Korean culture and Asian culture as a whole. Although she may laugh on every jokes you crack, it does not necessarily mean that she is okay with it.

Many men believe that Korean women are more affectionate rather than intimate. However, this is certainly not true because Korean women seek intimacy too. Korean women simply restricted to display or be vocal about their sexual desires or else she will be in big trouble. There are several hot Korean women that you can find in various Asian dating services that is why Western guys find them very attractive.

First date with Korean women may develop into a lasting relationship. Nevertheless, if any of the couple feels that he or she cannot fulfil the required qualities of husband and wife, they normally end the relationship based on mutual decision. Once the relationship is approved by parents, then it would result into marriage. In fact, when parents are the ones in-charge of arranging the date, it is most likely to end up in marriage.

Your first date may be filled but you should not expect a good night kiss after the first date. So do not be disappointed if you do not get a kiss even if she enjoyed your date. It is a practice that is quite not acceptable. Be prepared to date two or more Korean women during your first date, because a first date with a chaperone is a bit sleazy for their culture. If it is okay with you to get your first kiss after a week or a month of going out, then dating Korean women would be easier for you.