There is a huge difference in dating hot Asian women and Western girls. You have to approach these women in a manner which is very much different from the other. It is okay to be on the playful side when dealing with Western girls as you try to assess them. You have to let them know that you are not out there to impress them but they should be the one who should impress you.

In order to impress her, you do not need to answer her questions directly or throw the usual questions at her. If you use a little creativity in your conversation, you will get the information that you want to learn. You can always deflect her queries with jokes but not in bad- mannered way though. You can be a little mister mischief without being rude. If you are in the company of Western girls, make sure that you have control of your conversation so that you can steer it easily in the direction that you want to. If you deal with them in this manner, these girls will know that you are not an average Joe.

However, this type of approach willnot work well with hot Asian girls especially with Korean girls. It is very important for Western guys to know that culture has got a lot to do when it comes to approaching Asian women. You need to understand that you came from the opposite side of the world and you were bot raised in different cultures. You cannot simply joke around her because Asian women are often treated like precious gems. Asian women go for guys who are sweet, caring and attentive to her needs. Korean girls were born and raised to believe that a guy should desperately try to win her heart.

You have to compliment Korean girls with their looks. Although this is not advisable when dealing with Western ladies because for them it is a sign of desperation for guys who are trying to get their attention. Korean women take pride of their personal appearance, and they will certainly appreciate you giving compliments. Korean girls will truly appreciate your sincere compliments about her looks. She will be very flattered and touched by your gestures. When you see her blush and act a little bit shy, this is the usual reactions that you will get from her.

Make sure that you demonstrate your masculinity. Western guys are attracted to the femininity of Asian ladies; their feminine look and behaviour are some of the reasons why foreign men find them to be very irresistible. Korean women were raised in patriarchal environment. Men are the decision makers in the relationship based in Asian culture. Majority of hot Asian women do not wish to wear the pants, because they have their own roles to portray. They expect their partners to display masculinity and be on top of everything.

You have to be open to learn about the Korean culture and everyone associated with her. It will surely impress a Korean woman if you know how to speak her language. This will make her feel very important because you have spent time and effort to learn her language and culture. It will show her that you have patience and dedication to accommodate another language.

Just like any other women, Korean girls have in their mind the ideal guy that they want to go out with. Asian ladies will certainly consider going out with you if you are a successful guy. If you want to date hot Korean girls, you should have share your own success story to make her interested in you. Click here