There is a growing interest among Western guys about dating Asian women; hence these dating Asian women tips will guide you in choosing the best one to date. What started out as simple dating may eventually end up in marriage; most Western men marry women from Philippines, Japan, China and Thailand. Although there is a vast difference between Western and Asian culture, it would not stop these guys from getting to these Asian women. The only question that needs to be answered is which among these Asian women are the best to date and marry?

The women from the Philippines or Filipinas are probably one of the most popular prospects for an Asian wife. It is much easier to date Filipinas because they know how to speak good English. Somehow there is no need to worry about having communication barrier because a Filipina can understand and speak English. Since Philippines is a Christian country, it means that majority of Filipina women are Christians. If religion plays a vital role in choosing your life partner, then this is one the things that you need to consider.

If you plan to date a Japanese woman, then you are most likely going to date someone who possesses the most Westernized attitude. A lot of Japanese women have traveled overseas, thus compare with other Asian ladies they know more about the Western culture. Finding Japanese wives is not as easy as finding dating Asian women tips unless you are an American guy. These women do not marry for economic reasons because they are fairly wealthy compared to other Asian women. The best way to date Japanese women is to live and work in Japan.

Being submissive and naive are some of the characteristics that Western guys find very appealing about Chinese women. However, they may look naive but most of the Chinese women that you may encounter in different dating sites are actually well-educated. There are very few Chinese women who drink alcohol and smoke because most of them live a healthy lifestyle. In fact older Asian women particularly Chinese still have beautiful skin.

Thai women are also one of the most popular Asian women that Western guys seek to be his wife. There is a huge difference between the Western culture and Thai culture. So it is very important to what not to do if you plan to date a Thai woman. These women are generally conservative so on your first date, do not bring them into a bar or disco. You should not also be surprised if she tags along a friend during your first few dates.

As a rule of thumb, if you are going to date someone from different country then it is a good idea to learn about customs and traditions. It would surely impress a lady if you made an effort to learn few words in her language. You also need to be aware that most Asian women are attached to their families and would appreciate if you show respect to their elders too. So if you really want to have a serious relationship with an Asian woman, learning few dating Asian women tips will help a lot.