Dating hot Asian women is what most of the Western men are very much interested to do. There are good number of guys who find it very easy to attract these exotic Asian beauties. Nevertheless, there are still those Western men who are still new to the idea of dating beautiful Asian women. There are some things that Western guys must learn before they can attract and date Asian women. Since you came from two different cultures, it may have an effect in dating these attractive Asian women. But this should not stop you from dating beautiful Asian women.. 

Tip #1 - Personal Grooming and Hygiene

When it comes to dating hot Asian women, you need to understand the real importance of excellent personal hygiene and being properly groomed too. By merely looking at these Asian women, you can already tell how much they value personal hygiene and grooming. No matter where they are going, these women always want to look their very best. This is quite a different story when it comes to Western women, because they can go out of their homes wearing sweatpants and unkempt.

Tip #2 You have to be organized.

Asian women would love to go out with guys who seem to have everything under control. So if you really want to attract and impress Asian women, you need to convince them that you have a well-planned life and you can take care of them too. Never give her the idea that you are a slacker type of guy. If you want to attract these hot Asian girls, you simply need to talk about your plans and goals in life. Asian women like to be with a guy who has a better future ahead of him. Stability is something that Asian men lack and this is your competitive edge over local guys.

Tip #3 - Take time to learn about her culture

Learning and understanding her culture is a good way to attract these hot Asian ladies.. To avoid sending wrong message, avoid asking her about her nationality.. This is not a good way to impress her because she might feel that you treat her as an object. It is best to wait for her to become comfortable with you and let her open herself up to you. She will become impress and be glad to know that you are exerting effort to understand and learn more about her culture. You can go a step further by trying to learn common expressions in her language, she would realize that you are trying to do anythigng to get close to her..

If you truly want to succeed in attracting beautiful Asian women, do not tell her that you have fetish for Asian women. This tactic will surely make all your efforts go down the drain. This technique will not make you attract her but allow her to repel her from you. You should not send signals that you are obssess with her because you will only simply drive them away. Truly Asian women are really very irresistible but you should not display any affection that would hint the other person that you are obsessed with him.