If you are a man wanting to date Asian women for companionship or marriage, you are definitely not alone. An Asian woman, with her sophisticated beauty and customary values is very sought-after, particularly to some culture that appears to be losing its way with contentment in relationships. With divorce rate continuously increasing, countless men are searching for worthy partners such as Asian women.

It is a fact that men love beautiful and hot Asian women. No matter how certain groups choose to slice that up and hold it against us, the simple fact remains…men love’em. It truly is their nature and it's also innate to them.

Be it their spectacular figures, silk hair, exotic characteristics or time-honored values, Asian women rank on top of the world's most dazzling women. Below are some of the most frequent myths that can keep you back from meeting the Asian woman of your dreams.

Dating Asian Women Myth 1 - You happen to be too old for her. Age is a large barrier when dating good-looking younger ladies under western culture, but it has very little implication in the Eastern life style. It is known in the East that with age comes:

• Understanding 

• Awareness 

• Resources 

• Experience

In Asia, it is common for a 40-year-old man to have a beautiful Asian girl in her 20’s. There are some instances wherein a Chinese woman who was 24 years old, had a 19-year-old boyfriend. Her parents were really mad. They think, "What possibly could a 19-year-old kid offer their daughter?" They wanted her to get along with a full-grown, older man that is established to provide a future for her.

You will find those in the public that will always pass opinion upon you (usually those miserable “married to the wrong partner” type), but hey, men adore beautiful women. Being distress to a man who loves beautiful and exotic Asian women is similar to getting mad to a fish for swimming.

Dating Asian Women Myth 2 - you would like to meet a conventional Asian Woman for love and relationship, but you have been convinced you need to go the mail order bride route. Keep in mind that; nothing could be more wrong. Of course, you can travel that road if you'd prefer, but there’s really no need to as there are an unbelievable sum of Asian women right in your own patch, you just need to discover how to meet them.

With the tools available today, you don't have to pay lots of money to date or marry an Asian woman you’ve never met unless you want to. Although you may decide to go to Asia, you really do not need to spend thousands on an introduction service, if you know what you are doing.

Dating Asian Women Myth 3: I am unable to go out with a beautiful Asian woman, I just have no idea any. The problem is that many men are not seeing the big picture. They see a gorgeous woman and think the way to go is to run right up to her and hit on her. Even though this can work, it is still a low percentage game. 

A lot of men have soured on relationships. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve heard “I’ll never get married again”. Of course, this is normal if you’ve lived a miserable existence for so long. The truth is, everyone deserves to be happy. You must first learn to like yourself, and then all will fall into place.

Many Asian women are raised to completely recognize the important things in life, not the notion that consumerism is telling the world. It is a fact that lots of relationships fail due to the concept of “settle for the next best thing” disorder. As a man, think about what you really want from a woman, I do believe you may be astonished at the journey it may take you on when you date a beautiful Asian girl