A lot of foreign men fail to establish a good relationship with Asian women for different reasons. Getting the wrong advice from their peers is actually one of the main reason why they fail. Because of this, they do the same mistakes over and over again. For guys who experience this problem, there is still hope on how you can be successful when it comes to dating Asian ladies. You can be successful if you avoid committing the most common mistakes done by foreign guys; which includes the following:

Don’t make fun of her pronunciation, not even in a playful way. Majority of the Asian women find this very rude and she will start to be more self-conscious about it. The dominant physical characteristics of most Asian women are slanted eyes and petite size; do not even dare to make fun of it.Telling her to be independent from her parents and ignore her parents' wishes is something that you should not try to do. 

Asian women value their parents and it is very important to respect and please them; she value them more than herself. In the Asian culture, it is very important to earn the respect of your friends as well as their acceptance plus the fact that they honor their family too. Do not even try to encourage her to rebel against this system.Do not attempt to lecture her on how to handle her money. Giving a large portion of her hard-earned money is not something new for Asian women especially if they came from poor family or they have greed relatives.If you are dating a Filipina, you would probably witness this whether they live abroad or in the Philippines.

Don’t be cheap. Gift-giving is a huge among Asian women, especially on birthdays and at Christmas. Never forget these special occasions. Also make it a habit to tip whenever you’re out with a girl.Mentioning to her that you have dated an Asian woman before is something that you should not do. Knowing about it would easily upset most Asian women. No matter how you answer her questions and assure her; she will certainly feel insecure about that Asian girl that you have dated before.Unless you know what the Chinese or Japanese characters printed on your shirt means, then you should not wear it. 

The printed characters on these Asian themed and stylish tee-shirts sometimes do not make sense at all.Don’t be clingy and emotionally needy. Asian men are known to be strong, stoic and in control of their emotions. There are Western guys who become too possessive and jealous once they finally get their Asian girlfriend.Don’t be late. Promptness is an important part of etiquette that most Asian women expect from foreign men. The exception to this rule is when dealing with girls in the Philippines. Running late is actually something that is very common among Filipina women.Don’t confuse her with “mixed signals.” Once you made a promise to her, make sure that you make good on it.. Never ever break any plans that you made with her. 

Don’t break her trust. Being confident and secured is something that is not common among Asian women. If you want to build any type of relationship with an Asian woman, you need to be careful not to give her any reason to believe that you’re involved with other women. Asian women are very sensitive about this issue.

Knowing these common mistakes will help you begin a great relationship with Asian lady. Since you came from two different cultures, there could be a huge barrier in your relationship that you need to triumph. Nevertheless, aside from these two huge barriers there are also common mistakes that you need to avoid if you really want to have an Asian girlfriend or Asian wife.