The impression that Japanese women are subdued makes Western guys dream of dating Japanese women. Japanese women are seen as women who are slow to anger, subservient and timid. Her main priority is serving and pleasing her man. Now let’s talk about reality. Being spoken is true especially if both of you are in public places. Japanese women as the submissive type is a little bit of exaggeration. To debate or confront her man in public is something that is quite embarrassing for Japanese women, it is not her cup of tea-but you will know whether she is upset about something once you are behind closed doors.Although Japanese women can be stubborn and temperamental at times; they also make wonderful life partners too.. There are some tricky parts when it comes to dating Japanese girls, you may find this article very useful because of the insights and tips about their culture.

Guys are always the decision maker.

Japanese women expect their man to make the decisions. This is very much different from what Western guys are used to doing, because more often foreign guys would seek the opinion of their partners. You have to keep this in mind especially if you are dating Japanese women. Lay your cards on the table. Men are expected to behave in this manner by Japanese women. Once you’ve spent time with her, she’s not going to silently go along with whatever you suggest every time. She has her opinions, too.

You should know when to take the lead especially if she wants to be intimate with you.It is not her style to make the first move. But if you’ve gotten her attracted to you, when you do make the first move you may be pleasantly surprised at how eager she is for sex.

PDA or public display of affection is often not every Japanese women's cup of tea.She probably won’t want to hold hands, hug or kiss when you’re around other people. Unless she’s already shown you that she is comfortable with this, spare her the awkward feelings and save the physical stuff for you’re alone with her.

It is very important that you must be always on time.

Her country is probably the most organized and effecient in the whole wide world. Always be on time for your appointments with Japanese women. I’m talking right on the dot. Japanese women are inclined to assume that you do not give her much importance. In the Japanese culture, there is no such thing as being fashionably late.

Practice proper hygiene and you must be well-groomed if you are really serious about dating Japanese women.

Japanese women believe in the expression “cleanliness is next to Godliness.” Japanese women would always want to heve the beautiful aura when you go out with her in public, that means being presentable from head to toe.

Always convey to Japanese women that you are an organized guy who has his act together.There is really no need to be bothered by what other people say, you aim is to know your purpose in life. They don’t understand the concept of “slackers” or “finding your purpose in life.” You can start your conversation by talking about your school or talk to her about your ambitions too. If you want to impress your Japanese woman date, you need to have a game plan..

Your home is actually the reflection of your personality, so it must be clean to show that you are an orderly person.. Never invite a Japanese woman into your home (or any female, for that matter) unless it’s extremely clean, most especially your bathrooms. Women will almost always ask to use your bathroom to “freshen up.” Your Japanese date will gross out once she sees your dirty bathroom.If you really want to create a good impression then you can do the things listed above. The difference in your culture is not an issue if you are open to the idea of learning her culture too. You can simply follow these things if you want to be successful in dating Japanese women.