Men always forget that when it comes to handling women, the top pickup lines do not solely work. Whenever you approach a woman, it is always the "how to say things" that guys usually take for granted. Somehow, not knowing how to say rather than what to say is the most common reason why men frequently gets rejection and sometimes it even comes with the wallop of the palms of the hands. So if you want badly, to take a girl home, there is some things that you should know about the art of "flirting".

There is always a game that needs to be played when it comes to dating or mating and that is called "flirting". All of us know when a girl and a guy is flirting even in the first glance. It is fact to say that there are only few of the male population that actually know how to flirt and interact with women. Flirting consists of the communication of sexual desires expressed in words like the good pickup up lines perhaps or just flirty moves. This articles will tell you the secrets about flirting.

The first thing you should know about flirting is that it is an uncertain possibility. This implies that for a man to rouse sexual interest, he should be able to have or offer a promise of a sexual intercourse but with no guarantee that it will happen. This has something to do with talking to a woman using a flirtatious approach which gives off sexual tension but there is no certainty that it will happen. Guys need to learn a smooth talk on expressing sexual intentions without actually saying in a truthful way.

The next thing that would turn a girl on is the temptation without satisfaction. This is somehow a sweet torture that every girl would enjoy unconsciously. You do it by making the girl taste a glimpse of the "you and her" moments while you keep your mind in control. This is something like making her taste very little without the thought of feeding her, so that she will want you more.

The creation of obstacles comes in the third spot of flirting tips. This is quite the famous tips and some have known this as the push and pull technique. This tip is somehow dealing with you giving reasons why you and the girl do not have the chance to be lovers. It is like telling the girl how attractive she can be but she can not just be your type for some "created" reasons and this would just insanely make the girl want you more.

The girls are to be treated like they are all princess and guys should shower them with gifts, items and let them experience only good things like expensive dining, luxurious items, etc. These are the things that elders have taught you but these things are not enough. For a boy-girl relationship, sexual interaction should always be present and that is the reason why flirting ever existed. Now when you talk to women or converse with them, do not just remember those memorized to pickup lines, but also keep with you your flirting abilities, so you would not return home empty handed.