Average guys always say this common line "I'm a good guy and I don't even use dirty pick up lines to talk to women, but why do jerks still get all the women that they want?". It is somehow quite confusing how easily women give in to jerks when it comes to dating, like they have this magical powers or maybe a spell that they easily get women right away. They even treat women like dirts or use worst pick up lines in dealing with them. It might be obvious how jerks get all the women that they want but, you have to know that girls would not put up with any jerk, unless that girl has a very low self esteem. You do not need to be a jerk to get women but what you need is to figure out their behaviour in getting the girls that you want.

It is undeniably true that all jerks are careless and self-centered. When it comes to picking up girls, jerks do not think about the girl's impression about them. What they do is to get directly straight to the girl that they like and just focus on their want or desire of winning a girl's heart. Jerks also do not care whatever they have to do just to get the woman that they want, even if people would have to say that they are crazy.

This is not the case of a nice guy. Whenever he sees a hot woman he would feel shy and would now be conscious about himself thinking that somehow, the girl might like him or would give him attention. Unlike the careless jerks, the good guys worry too much about a girl's approval. This is the reason why the jerks get ahead of the good guys because jerks are more focused on their desire on getting the woman than worrying too much about being liked. If only the good guys have this guts to pursue on the girls that they like instead of just staring and standing behind, the girls would have fall for them first.

One important thing that the jerks have is the confidence in walking up and talking to women. Guys should always make the first move to walk up to a girl and be able to strike a conversation. Jerks are smooth talkers and so they always gets the chance of picking up a girl first. The jerks always have a very high self-esteem and that they think no girl would ever reject them. If a girl does, it would not affect them much and they think that it is the girl's loss, not theirs.

This is the reason why all girls perceive that all guys are jerks because the good guys just tend to stand behind and just settle for just glaring at the girl. If only good guys would delete the thought and fear of rejection, they would realize how women would appreciate their presence. Women want and deserve a good guy. It is time for the guys to change that "guys are all jerks" image.

Rejection is a normal thing and you should not take it personally. Everybody get rejected not because they are ugly or they are less of a person, but because they come to the wrong girl, at the wrong place and time. There is no need to be discouraged and turn yourself into a jerk because you are rejected. Jerks treat women like dirts and they are good pickup artists of dirty pick up lines, but you don't want that but their guts and confidence instead.