You might not want to say it but you have to admit that corny pick up lines are literally corny. However, these pick up lines could also be hilarious and in fact works, if only delivered or used appropriately. The idea behind the creation of the pick up lines is just to bridge gaps between a woman and a man. You might not get the woman that you want through using this single line but it can help you pave your way.

The "outer game" is the part that is played by the guys when the use any of the pick up lines. The pick up lines is somehow the way you joke on or tease women. Today, the pick up lines are delivered in a way where the first statement is told by the guy, then the girl usually asks "why?" and then the guy blurts out the final corny statement. This is only a part of the first approach and if you need to learn more, you have to see the whole picture.

Before approaching any woman, a man would always want to know the right things to say to her. There are guys who rely on the prepared statements or crafted statements to help them talk with the girls. Somehow, the corny pick up lines are one of those crafted statements that can be used in the initial phase of approach. The use of these pick up lines are helpful for men in interacting with women.

It is true that not all people have the ability of being "funny", but everybody can learn how to make someone laugh. The corny pick up lines makes up the whole picture of "fun". To make a woman or anyone laugh is referred to as a science and art because you deal with the humor stimuli of a person. Each person has their own way of responding to a single pick up line.

To say it again, the pick up lines are there to stimulate laughter to people. The pick up artists have gathered or tested some lines that can counterpart the level of education, character and background of different persons. In any dating game, the corny pick up lines are placed in the initial phase. This is the reason why the pick up lines are referred to as the "outer game".

In a deeper sense, men should also know something that is called as "inner game". This talks about the men's resources and possessions like ego, confidence and character. Guys should learn more about dating because there are still so much to tell. It is not always wise to rely solely on corny pick up lines in making a woman laugh because there is still more to it