Dating Asian Women: Things You Should Not Be and Do

 Dating Asian women is pretty much like dating black women or white women. There might be some cultures (such as that in the strict Japanese dating culture) that are specific to a particular race but the most important thing that you should keep in mind is to make sure that they do not perceive you as a person that is of low value. Women are so much into power so it is important that you are able to convey that you are no pushover. If you are Demonstrating Lower Value (DLV) to a woman; then you might as well not try dating them at all. There are so many dating Asian women tips available online but as said, the best thing that you can do is to avoid DLV.

Men who are of low value will always try to seek approval and acceptance. Of course, they are not sure of them selves and will constantly try to ensure that that they are doing the right thing by asking questions such as “Am I doing the right thing?” or “Am I good enough for you?”. When you do this, you are implying that you have no value as a person which women find very unattractive. Yes, there are pick up line techniques that will require you to ask the girl some questions. However, you should deliver them in a way that you are still Demonstrating Higher Value.

Dating, as well as meeting new people, is supposed to be an exciting experience; those people who do see the fun in it are better off staying away from the dating scene. Men who kill the joy in everything are very predictable demonstrate a low social value as they will only suck the fun out of everything. They are the ones who would rather stay in the sidelines than join in the fun. Because they show no intrigue, interest, and fun; their presence are considered useless. A woman would most definitely not choose to date such a person.

Another trait that presents a low social status is when men are easily scared. This also shows a lack of confidence. Besides, women are after men who are supposed to protect them from any sort of danger. Take for example James Bond. Many women find him very sexy and attractive because he is the daredevil that he is. He is not afraid of chasing the bad guys and always turns out to be the hero in the end. James Bond should be the model of men - bold, daring, and audacious.

Money may seem powerful as it already is but it cannot buy attraction and affection. This is one big misconception among many men. Demonstrating a high social value does not translate to giving expensive material things to girls. In fact, it is the complete opposite. Men of low self-esteem have the knowledge that women will not like them as they are so they try to shower her with material things to get her to like him. But in doing so, women will merely see you as someone who will provide them with all their needs and wants. In dating Asian women, as well as the different races of the world, an appealing and interesting personality should be your best weapon.

In summary, you should realize that the way to a woman’s heart takes more than just gifts and confidence; they should be able to treat her the way that she should be treated. There might be no exact rules in dating women but this is one vital thing that men should always put in mind. Date Asian women does not have to be very hard; all it takes is the right technique to actually get and go out with one.


How To Start A Conversation With A Girl You Like

If you're going to be popular and successful in your dating life, you've got to learn how to get a girl to like you. As humans, we were not meant to live alone. This is why learning how to effectively communicate with women is so important. For some, talking to a girl comes naturally. For other guys, however, the thought of randomly approaching a girl and trying to start a conversation is nerve-wracking. There are ways to make this process easier.

Your own level of self-confidence will play a role in how easy or hard it is to learn how to make a girl like you. If you have low self-confidence, it will show through when you speak. Your first step should be to work on placing yourself in high regard. You should truly believe that you have something special to offer women, and that girls are interested in what you have to say. One of the techniques I learned from the book "Mack Tactics" is positive visualization, which is a mental exercise that helps you put yourself in a super-confident mindset when you are about to go out and talk to girls.

Here's my next tip for guys who want to know how to flirt: make eye contact with the girl you want to talk to, BEFORE you approach. The "eye contact move" signals to her that you have noticed her, and that she's on your radar. A quick glance is enough. Whatever you do, do not stare. Staring at her will only make her feel uncomfortable, but a quick glance and a smile will make her feel appreciated. Once you have established your interest by making eye contact, wait just a few minutes before going over to talk. Use this time to plan out what you will say.

A large portion of learning how to talk to a girl you like revolves around what to say to open the conversation. There is nothing wrong with making a simple introduction, although you can also learn a variety of clever, funny and effective opening routines from "Mack Tactics" and other books on pickup and seduction. As for what to say next, you can choose a topic based on the environment and the situation. You may wish to make a comment about the location you are in, comment on the fact that you noticed her, or if applicable, ask if you can buy her a drink. Basically, say something that would not be considered offensive, silly, or strange. 

Asking questions about her, and getting her to open up and share with you, is a good course of action to follow at this point. If you want to know how to make a girl like you, asking questions and being a good listener is always good advice. This will show that you are indeed interested in getting to know her better. Listen carefully to her answers, and do not interrupt. Though many people now put less emphasis on manners, she will notice if you are rude. You may only have a few minutes time in which to make a good impression. Make the most of this time if you wish to be able to speak to her again. 

Here's another tip on how to make a girl want you: make direct eye contact with her when she talks to you. This is particularly hard for those who are shy. Start paying attention to your own body language, and make sure you're not glancing around the room, staring off into the distance, or gazing down at your feet while she talks to you. If you are not looking directly at her while speaking, or being spoken to, this will signal to her that you are not interested. Never forget, your body language (the non-verbal signals you send) is as important as what you say to her.

As far as conversational topics you should avoid when talking to girls, there re only a few things that I'd consider to be totally off-limits. Sex tops the list of bad topic ideas. Women want to feel at ease when speaking to a new guy, and sex is a topic that can cause her to feel uncomfortable. Talking about subjects that involve your personal goals, hobbies and ambitions are a much better idea, and by prompting her to share her own thoughts on these topics, you're going to build a connection with her. And if you want to know how to talk to a girl effectively, here's another tip: keep the conversation moving forward, and into new areas, rather than staying on one topic for a long time. The chapter in the "Mack Tactics" book on "Conversation Control" explains the importance of keeping a conversation flowing into the right areas at all times. This will make you seem more interesting and open, as you may be able to give her a small glimpse into your world.

There are very obvious benefits to learning how to talk to a girl you like. Practice does make perfect, and you may soon find that you can easily approach any girl and start a conversation. Once you have mastered this skill, you may find that forming new relationships is easier than ever before.

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